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Acceptances: Tips on Writing

Acceptances: Tips on Writing


  • Send acceptances as soon as possible. If you are late, apologize, but keep brief and to the point.
  • Here’s a tip from noted usage expert Rudolf Flesch, “If your answer to an inquiry is yes, it’s a good idea to make yes the first word in your letter.”
  • Be enthusiastic. Of course it is proper to simply state your acceptance and repeat the details for the invitation. However,  the opinion about you with hosts, employers, or friends will go up beautifully if you add a sentence saying something personal, cheerful, or lively.
  • When your invitation is issued in the name of more than one person, mention all of them in your reply. Send your reply either to the person listed under the R.S.V.P. or to the first name given.
  • Especially important: Always respond promptly to an invitation marked “R.S.V.P.” or “Please reply.”   This is mandatory and required and essential.


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