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Public Speaking: Get Rid of Your Confusion Now- Graphs and Charts

Public Speaking: Get Rid of Your Confusion Now- Graphs and Charts


When thinking about public speaking, keep it simple in your head.  Keep anchored to the oh-so-simple idea of communication.   Just remember that presentations and all forms of public speaking, whether informal for a few people or formal in a room of 100 or 200, are just another form of communication.  That brings the experience of talking to  a group down to earth and a person-to-person experience for the good of all.

You know graphs and charts are great for explaining.  But are you unclear about which kinds to use in your presentation?

Here are quick tips to take away the confusion.

Use Graphs and Charts to Show Trends and Demonstrate Relationships

  • Select a line graph to represent trends and other information that change over time.
  • Choose a bar graph to compare quantities or magnitudes.
  • Use a pie graph to show proportions.
  • Use a pictogram to show comparisons in picture form.
  • Use a flow chart to diagram a procedure or process.
  • Use an organizational chart to illustrate hierarchical relationships.
  • Use a table to summarize large amounts of information.

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