We help you speak English clearly.
Free Speech Lesson


Why ClearTalk? Businesspeople


Your ability to communicate is critical to your effectiveness. If people understand you, you are able to work with them more easily and efficiently. When people have to ask you to repeat yourself, or when they think they understand you, but don’t – this can slow down the entire workplace.

How you speak can directly affect your ability to advance in your career. It affects your reputation and your ability to work with others. In turn, this can affect your performance reviews.

Using our proven methods, we can help you communicate effectively.


Meetings are a great time for the free flow of ideas and information. The information can only flow easily when everyone understands each other.

Phone Calls

Phone calls lack the visual clues that aid communication. All that is left is your voice. We can help you speak English such that you wil be understood over the phone.

In the Hallway

Many times it is the informal “in the hallway” conversations that can really make a difference to how a project can proceed. We can help you speak clearly so that these conversations are useful and fun.