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Level One Course Details

Level One Course Details

The Clear Talk Mastery Program level one improves pronunciation and intelligibility. The 12-week program starts with an individual diagnostic assessment. There is a lesson training module for each of 10 weeks. Training includes one to two hour video modules along with audio modules for home practice. The Clear Talk Program gives you one-on-one individual tutoring for direct pronunciation feedback and correction. Customized textbooks and personalized weekly coaching identify and meet each learner’s specific needs and goals. Target audience: ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) speakers wishing to improve their English pronunciation, intelligibility, and presentations. Average speech percentage point gain in measured intelligibility is 30% in the first course.


Lesson 1 – First Things First –or– Greet Your Old and New Tools

From this session you will learn how to use 5 muscle tactics for clear enunciation. You will apply the physics of clear speech to achieve correct muscle placement and stiffness for accurate consonants. By the end of this session you will be able to use your personalized instruction text, sound level meter, and MP3 speech sound practice files properly for optimal home practice.

Lesson 2 – The What and How for Long Vowels

After you refine your consonant accuracy, you get correct muscle placement and movement for long vowels and rules for pronunciation. And from scientific studies you get the two keys to great skill mastery that separates the pretty good from the world class performers.

Lesson 3 – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Today you master the five short vowels, their positioning and which use fast or slow muscles. You get the inside story of how you are growing your skills, and you learn the physics of perfect practice. Your three week assessment comes this week.

Lesson 4- Hit the Hardest Harder

Now you concentrate on more perfect pronunciation of the hardest vowels and consonants—get the stiffness, placement and movement. You focus on long sentences and multiple syllable words. Today you get more rules for pronunciation critical in daily life.

Lesson 5- Go for the Gold

Concentrate on all five muscle tactics for perfect pronunciation and rules for pronunciation. You get tricks for learning faster. Today, you get tips for voice inflection and emotion.

Lesson 6 – Who’s Afraid of the Big…?

You use the three speaking keys to master talking in large rooms, noisy places, and presentations. You learn the trick for the difficult “d” and jump to perfect practice of the four special vowels. You do your second assessment this week.

Lesson 7 – Cut it to Pieces

Now you get the eight secrets of syllable division and the rules for impossible vowels. The catchphrases today are “Perfect Practice” and “Self-Monitoring.”

Lesson 8 – Go With the Flow

Change your deliberate clear talk to what you need in the moment. Today you also get new vowels and diphthongs to tackle (and oh, those spellings!). Remember: Prior Practice Prevents Poor Performance… in your pronunciation!

Lesson 9 – You Can’t Hide the Grammar That Everyone Notices

You concentrate on perfect pronunciation for plurals and past tense. You are starting the home stretch. You’ve got one more instruction to build mastery delivery of the hardest consonants and vowels.

Lesson 10- Fatal Errors and Secrets of the Best

Here’s the finish line for the most difficult sounds and critical rules for pronunciation. Learn the seven secrets of the best clear talkers. Learn to avoid deadly mistakes for the assessment and daily life.

Session 11 – Final Assessment

Session 12 – Individual Feedback on Your Intelligibility Tests