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English Speech Communication- Joining a Conversation

English Speech Communication- Joining a Conversation


What people like the most is going into conversational settings and  leaving later feeling they connected with others.

Here are some tips that savvy socializers use:

  • They go early and act to welcome new arrivals as if they were part of the established group.
  • They use the tactic of going with a buddy. That way, after they have split up and made a few self-introductions, they can share with each other the interesting people each has met.

If you are by yourself, here are some options:

  • Walk around and find another person who is not talking in a group. Greet with “How do you know (the hostess)?” or “I don’t know many people here, do you?”  Once you have gotten to know one another, you can approach a group of other guests as a team.
  • Sit down, and you may be able to strike up a conversation with another guest who is sitting down.
  • Seek a little help or offer help to the host. When the host is available, it is okay to ask for a couple of introductions.  You may also offer to pass appetizers around to break the ice.
  • Join another conversation. Sometimes there is a congenial person who welcomes you. You might say “I’m new here.  May I introduce myself?” Or “I just got here. Could I join your conversation?  My name is ____”  or simply  “Hello.”
  • Stand by the food. It’s a topic you will have in common with everyone who approaches the table.

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