We help you speak English clearly.
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Why ClearTalk? Executives

Communication and Leadership

As an executive, you are a leader, you develop vision and perspective, and you guide others in implementing that vision. While there are many different leadership styles, they all require effective communication in order to work. Difficulties in communication directly affect your ability to lead effectively.

The way you speak directly affects what people think of you. Speaking English well helps them to appreciate you and your ideas.


You’ve made your slides, everything is ready and set up, and it is time to make the presentation. But on top of the normal desire to make a great presentation, you are worrying about people understanding your speech. We can help remove that worry, and help you to be confident in your ability to speak in a way that everyone will understand.


When it comes time to lead your meetings, you will proceed with more confidence because you know that as you talk, people will listen and understand.

Phone Calls

Phone calls lack the visual clues that aid communication. All that is left is your voice. We can help you speak English such that you wil be understood over the phone.