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Level Two Course Details

Level Two Course Details

The Clear Talk Mastery Program Level Two is an expanded communication course to bring additional speaking skills to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) people who have scored 70% or greater on three selected intelligibility skill assessment tasks or who have completed the Level One course. Level Two students can expect to learn multiple syllable word intelligibility, English inflection, the six most important grammar rules for writing and speaking (aka, the naked grammar rules), and best strategies for presentations and satisfying conversations.

The 12-week program includes individual diagnostic assessments. Weekly personalized one-on-one coaching via Skype helps with each learner’s specific needs. Instruction in new skills should result in 70% mastery of multiple syllable word intelligibility and voice inflection, and 80 to 100% mastery of use of intentional careful clear English. Students will also learn and practice five presentation strategies.

As in all our courses, the textbook is customized based on each person’s assessment results. Again, the top goal in this English speaking/training program is long lasting, efficient improvement using principles of human brain and muscle learning. (www.ClearTalkMastery.com).


Lesson 1 – Begin the Begin

From this lesson you will get precise positioning and movement of your speech muscles. You will plan your home training. By the end of the session, you will use the 8 critical syllable division rules and find the patterns for four word families. You will start your systematic pronunciation practice for the Naked Grammar Rules .

Lesson 2 – How to Get Friends and Influence People

After you retrain your speech sound accuracy, you begin syllable accent stress to distinguish the noun from the verb for the same word. You learn the core skill for voice inflection—the foundation for making your speech so pleasant that people want to talk to you.

Lesson 3 – It’s all Latin and Greek to Me

Today you learn the 70-30 Rule for English. You also get the root vocabulary for grammar, and the potholes to avoid for voice inflection. You focus on credibility and presentation of self for conversation and presentations.

Lesson 4 – Don’t be Caught Naked

What ARE the most important grammar rules for speaking and writing? Also, you will learn and practice what the experts say makes for a satisfying conversation. You concentrate on the rationale and the rule for suffixes and syllable accent stress. Pronunciation focuses on slow and fast twitch muscles. Now we dive into key skills for presentations.

Lesson 5 – Make it Sticky

Adopt tactics to make your presentations memorable. You will learn what separates the pretty good from the great presenters. Today get the second level rules for the vowels. Get the easy way to make names sound right with syllable accent stress. Now learn why you should energize voice inflection for conversation and presentation.

Lesson 6 – The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together

Learn about the word-family famous “a.” Get the golden rules today for consonant and vowel rules of spelling and pronunciation. Get the “Americans like to be first” trick to remembering syllable accent stress rules. Today is the first lesson on how to choose what to emphasize for voice inflection.
Red alert: It IS the pause that refreshes for presentations and conversation.

Lesson 7 – It Really is Logical

Today you will put the rules together for word families and syllable accent and voice inflection. Positioning is Everything. The spice is our focus for presentations and conversation. Learn the three critical secrets for presentations using white/black boards or Power Point.

Lesson 8 – Those Pesky Errors

Now you will concentrate on the most frequent speech sound errors for everyone. Learn the 6 SEC keys to presentations (Simple, Surprise, Stories, Examples, Emotional, Credible).

Lesson 9 – Back to the Core Skills

Finally you will see how the foundation skills are applied to multiple syllable words for pronunciation and syllable accent. You will check out the most important grammar pronunciations. Get with the 6 SEC.

Lesson 10 – Positioning is Everything; Double Stiff, Strong & Loud, Slow & Fast, and Other Brain Catch Phrases

Remember what Robert Maynard Hutchins once said: The object of education is to prepare learners to educate themselves throughout their lives.

Session 11-Final Assessments this week.

Session 12-Individual Feedback on Your Intelligibility Tests