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Level Three Course Details

Level Three Course Details

The Clear Talk Mastery Program Level Three is an advanced total communication course for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) people who have scored 70% or greater on 7 selected intelligibility skill assessment tasks or completed the Level Two course. Level Three students will learn new speech skills and increase their ability to apply all that they know without hesitation in every situation, even when talking to new people.

Lessons will include four new presentation strategies (to add to the five learned in Level Two) and necessary activity to make all nine strategies habitual. Students will also learn and practice the 27 best smart tactics for effective professional communication. The course will cover the most important grammar and editing tips, as well as the powerful tactics for effective listening. Also included is sharpening of inflection skills, particularly well timed pausing.

The program comes in 10 weekly, one-hr training modules via Skype for one on one instruction. Personalized coaching covers each learner’s specific needs and goals. Expected outcomes for overall word and speech intelligibility are 5-10% above Level Two scores or at least 70% intelligibility. Students will maintain or surpass their 70% mastery of multiple syllable word intelligibility and voice inflection, as well as proficiency in use of intentional careful clear English.

As in our other courses, the textbook is customized based on each person’s assessment results. Once again, the top goal in this English speaking/training program is long lasting efficient improvement by using principles of human brain and muscle learning. (www.ClearTalkMastery.com).


Lesson 1 – Jump Forward

From this lesson you jump back into the Strategy of Perfect Pronunciation and the 5 Muscle Tactics to achieve that. By the end of the session you will be able to describe the 9 characteristics for Highly Effective Presentations and get accurate pronunciation of the core word families. You will start new rules for syllable accent stress and begin activating the old with new skills for voice inflection.

Lesson 2 – Get their Attention and Listen Up

After you retrain your speech sound accuracy, you will refresh your memory for the 8 critical syllable division rules and find the patterns for five new word families. You master syllable accent stress for new suffixes and practice getting the listener’s attention using voice inflection for a new kind of question. You enter the world of the 5 essential steps to effective listening. You leap back to presentation skills to get ready for your first presentation practice.

Lesson 3 – It is All About “You”

Now we get back to smart tactics for satisfying, interesting conversation and new learning about interviews. You also get the “naked” grammar rules plus the seventh naked grammar rule– prepositions. You build on syllable stress and you do the voice inflection double hitter which you will deliberately practice in presentations and conversation. You add powerful strategies for making you a more effective listener.

Lesson 4 – Question Everything

You spiral onward for word families, syllable accent stress and life vocabulary—those multiple syllable words used in the everyday culture of the U.S. These are difficult to pronounce! You practice the second skill that experts say will give your career the biggest boost– asking questions. We add to naked grammar and new learning for prepositions. Now we dive into key skills for smart communication. There are 27 total.

Lesson 5 – It’s All in the Chemistry and Circuits

So much to review for your 5 week assessment and anchor in the wiring of your brain! Brain tests today are the focus for you. You will add to your core skills for intelligibility and learn to communicate friendliness, respect and courtesy through your voice inflection. You do another kind of question needed for the complex communication of the workplace.

Lesson 6 – Small Talk is Big Talk

Learn how to start a conversation with a stranger, keep it going, and end it graciously. Focus on the 5 Muscle Tactics for Perfect Pronunciation for the complex sentences and words that you need for taking care of the business part of your daily life. Presentation focuses on ways to make information “sticky” and memorable. Get success in work communication through 3 new smart tactics. New topic is also focusing on essential editing tips.

Lesson 7 – Success:  Do What the Experts Recommend for Communication

Today, you keep widening your core intelligibility skills, including more preposition work. Also, you start the 100 words to success—“Experts define 100 words everyone should know.” All are multiple syllable words. You also add new powerful strategies for making you a more effective listener. You do direct practice in conversation with a stranger or new colleague.

Lesson 8 – The Quick and Easy

New for you today are three tips for speaking effectively the quick and easy way. We keep focused direct practice on the strategy of perfect pronunciation and perfect practice for all skills. You get more information on essential editing tips. Today is spotlighting on 6 SEC presentations (Simple, Surprise, Stories, Examples, Emotional, Credible).

Lesson 9 – Get Attention Immediately

New learning concentrates on tactics for getting attention in presentations right away and later on. We zero in on more naked grammar work with prepositions. You add to mastery of the 100 words experts say everyone should know. Today you deliberately practice your new smart strategies for successful communication when persuasion is your goal.

Lesson 10 – Brain and Muscle Habits- the 10,000 Times Principle

Today is review for recorded assessment. Today is also assessment on new complex skills from this course. And, today the take home message is that Robert Maynard Hutchins’s wise saying is worth repeating. Mr. Hutchins said: The object of education is to prepare learners to educate themselves throughout their lives.

Session 11 – Assessments this week

Session 12 – Individual Feedback on Your Intelligibility and Communication Assessment Tests