We help you speak English clearly.
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What We Do

What We Do

We provide quality, effective help in speaking English properly using the Clear Talk Method.  The ClearTalk method delivers consistent proven results. We confirm the effectiveness of the program with each and every student. The method has been developed over more than a decade of work, covering over 800 students.


1. Pre Assessment

About our Assessment:

Why are you hard to understand? Before instruction begins, we administer a computerized test that accurately determines the English sounds that give you difficulty. We use the results of this test to configure customized course work that will help you rapidly improve how clearly you speak English. Learn More >>

2. Instruction

Example Video Lesson:

Our instruction centers around the Clear Talk Method, which is an efficient means of learning the most important elements needed for intelligibility in English.  The instruction combines many different elements, including online videos, MP3 audio, personal tutoring, customized textbook, and more. Learn More >>

3. Post Assessment

How much did you learn in our program? We administer a post assessment which documents exactly how you have improved.  Our post assessments prove that our program is remarkably effective in getting measurable results. Learn More >>