We help you speak English clearly.
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Why Clear Talk?

Why ClearTalk?

Do people have trouble understanding your English?

Is your speech affecting your career? Social life? School work? We can help.

It Works.

Overall, the main reason to choose the Clear Talk method is because it works. More than 800 nonnative-born speakers of English from 58 countries and 57 first languages have overcome their English speech disadvantage through our proven, research-based program.

Talk on the Phone Easily

On the phone, there are no visual clues, just the verbal content. This means that speaking English clearly is especially important. We can help you with the skills required to talk on the phone easily and successfully.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

It can be annoying to have people ask you to repeat yourself. Speaking English clearly can help you communicate the first time.

Gain Confidence

Quite often, as your skill in speaking English improves, you gain confidence as well. You aren’t thinking about people understanding you, you are able to focus on the message.

Good to Great

ClearTalk can help everyone, including those who have reasonably good English speaking skills. We can help you go from speaking pretty good English to great English.

Look at What Our Clients are Saying

Here are observations from some of our clients.