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Why the Excitement about ClearTalk Weekly? Accent Reduction

Why the Excitement about ClearTalk Weekly?  Accent Reduction


We are downright excited about our new online course, Clear Talk Weekly.  As you recall from last week’s blog, each week this subscription program gives you a new set of videos, audios, written lessons and a study guide for quick reference.

Why are we so excited about this new subscription course?  Because we have a passion to get the best possible learning program to as many people as possible.

To get this fantastic way to learn to as many people as possible meant that we needed a course that was easy to get – thus you get it from the internet!

We knew that everyone is so busy.  So the lessons need to teach the new learning in a succinct manner.  We made the little video lessons to be 3-4 minutes.

And we needed it to be affordable for as many people as possible- thus a monthly subscription program.

Best possible learning program meant using all of science research from speech science, linguistics, hearing, education, and kinesiology which Dr. Antonia Johnson investigated fully for her Ph.D. work.   Best possible learning program also meant using our current knowledge based on the teaching and action or practical research of the learning of over 2000 students with 64 first languages over the past 15 years in our courses.

We are excited because this course accomplishes our two goals: It teaches what to change in English accented speech to make it easy to understand, clear American English.  And it teaches how to learn with our best tips and advice so learning is efficient and long lasting.

This program teaches you the two kinds of critical learning  for your speech to be easy to understand – accurate pronunciation and  changing your manner of talking so that you are using strategies and tactics of clear speaking.

To get the best possible learning program meant we needed to teach you, the student, how to learn .  So we give you tips and advice on how to learn efficiently and so the learning is long lasting.

Lastly, to get the best possible learning program, in the videos Dr. Antonia Johnson speaks in a careful, easy to see and hear manner.  That’s so you have enough time to  process in your brain all you see and hear.  That is so you get position of the tongue, lips, teeth and jaw exactly right.   And that is so you can get the speed of the muscles and stiffness of the muscles exactly right.

By the way, Kenneth Brandon who makes YouTube videos on channels RedKB (twisty puzzles)  and KennethBrandon (timelapse night photography) was my mentor and teacher for making videos. As our valued partner in Clear Talk Mastery, Inc, he tutored me step by step for the interactive videos for our coached course and our YouTube videos on pronunciation.

So… now you know what makes this subscription course different from any other accent reduction course!

More information to come!

Be sure to watch our English Speech Tips videos and Accent Reduction Tip videos  for more English pronunciation and accent reduction exercise.

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