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American Accent Training: What does it take to make a habit?


How do you form a habit?

Neuroscientists tell us it takes doing a new pattern a thousand times before we make a neural trace in our brains. 

Neuroscientists tell us it takes 70 days of practice every day to change a habit. They say it takes 10,000 times of practice before a pattern is a habit.

The pattern needs to be accurate! Most efficient learning comes with systematic perfect practice. That is the bedrock and foundation of the best of training programs.

I am so impressed with the leadership training of the Good Leaders, Good Shepherds program. They understand the nature of change into habit. Their mission is to foster development of good leaders for the Catholic clergy. Their training program extends over two years. 

Their overall goal is leadership to create and build authentic, vibrant Catholic communities. 

What I love is the concept of “authentic.” It means to be worthy of trust, reliance or belief.

Clear communication – that is what we humans strive for. We simply want to grow in that wonderful skill. Focus on authenticity. Focus on building trust, human being to human being.

Focus on taking every opportunity to build your habit of clear communication – in speech sounds, words, conversation, presentations. Build authentic communication. Trust and faith. Can’t get too much of that.

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