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Believe In What You Are Selling! Elevate Your Emotions

For your weekly dose of clear English speech coaching, we have a weekly speech tip video below. For your weekly dose of clear, successful communication, let me paraphrase Michael Klepper. There are speeches where you are selling. You’re selling a concept. You’re selling your organization’s capabilities. You’re selling a product. You’re selling a service. Most importantly, you’re selling yourself.
1. People buy sincerity. People buy integrity. People buy longevity (your track record), and people buy energy.
2. They buy from people whose energy level is high, who are driven by conviction, and truly believe in what they’re promoting.
3. Therefore, if you want to win audiences over to your thinking and gain their support, you must elevate your emotions.
4. How much? Not to a feverish pitch. Not to shouting. But to the level that confirms to the audience that you totally believe in your material.

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