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How to Make A Referral or New Contact Call

How to Make a Referral or “New Contact” Calll

You make this kind of call to either someone you have just met  or someone you have not yet met  who has been referred to you by someone you know.

With a referral or ” new contact” call, it’s important to indicate immediately who referred you. The purpose of this call is to gather information to see if and how you can provide mutual support. That means, how can you help the other person and how can that other person help you. It is a getting-to-know-you call.

Calling a person you recently met? Remind them of where you met.

Understanding human speech is most difficult on the telephone because the other person cannot see you and get cues from your articulators– tongue, lips, teeth, jaw movement. So consciously do clear speech– a little slower with good diction for cononants and vowels.

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