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Build Your Career- Do This (Asking Questions–#1 Skill for English Communication)

Right away–Do This to Boost Your Career and Influence——Ask Questions-


Experts report that increasing skills in asking questions and voice inflection are the two skills which fastest boost the careers of native-born speakers of English. If that is true for native-born speakers, it is true for nonnative-born speakers.

Asking questions builds relationship and rapport.  Asking questions enables you to get the information you need and to clarify information.  Asking questions gets involvement in communication and makes dialogue.

Sometimes international people and native born English speakers feel uncomfortable with asking questions. It’s not complicated! Two goals of asking questions are to get facts and to get opinions.

To get facts:

  1. “When did you begin work on the plan?”
  2. “How many employees are available for this task?”
  3. “What are the dimensions of the house?”
  4. “Which car reached the intersection first?”

Easiest and most direct question to get opinions:

What do you think of that?

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