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English communication skills: Networking- Praise & Thanks

English communication skills-  Networking- – Praise & Thanks


People who support you personally and professionally —- that’s your network. Now that we are going back to the office in person, take a few moments and recall the names of those people.

Jump start 2022: engage in praise and thanks to those people.

Do this: give positive, sincere feedback and support to people in your circle, your network.

As for appreciation, we can’t just tell people one time that we appreciate them.  And the “how” is the message–gratitude and caring must be sincere.

Two predominant ways to  regularly acknowledge contributions of people in your network:

  1. Speak to them either in person or on the telephone/video conferencing
  2. Send notes (text, email, postal mail)

Tips for verbal praise and acknowledgement:

  1. Communicate immediately your noticing and appreciating their action. At the end of conversations, express thanks for their time, insights, effort. feedback.
  2. Establish protocol for the last few moments of a meeting to be a time for acknowledgments when anyone can communicate appreciation to anyone else in the meeting.
  3. The “how” is the message– give acknowledgements directly by looking people in the eye, get their attention, don’t mumble or act as if your comment is unimportant– use a strong, sincere voice.

“Marty, I appreciate the way you…”

  1. Be direct, specific and warm about what you appreciate– that will catch their attention. Emotion felt communicates in voice and facial expresssion.

Terry, I noticed how you responded to that client. I sure liked the way you listened and tried to take care of her concern so that she felt taken care of.”

  1. Acknowledge what people do AND the characteristic they show. Give positive feedback about their values, strengths, and abilities, as well as the way they are using those strengths and skills to get things done.

Congratulations on your new venture.  I admire your courage to go forth on your own.”

“Thanks for referring Lee and Tays to me.  We had a great conversation right away and I look forward to working with their firm.  I sure appreciate having you as a powerful resource in my life.”

“Thanks for your hospitality. I so enjoyed my visit. You are such a gracious host.”

The second way to  express thanks and gratitude is via notes.  More on the power of notes next time.

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