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English Communication Skills- Networking

English communication skills- Networking- How to Get Acquainted-Great Questions 


Networking is building relationships which may or may not help you in your career or day to day life .

Have trouble starting a conversation? Want to encourage the other person to talk about his or her life and work?

Sure fire questions:

“What do you love most about what you do?”

“How did you happen to get into (this type of work, this business)?”

“What brought you to  (Denver, New York, Chicago, Miami…)?

Ask these questions; listen for opportunities to offer ideas or contacts that provide expertise or  help.  Specifically, offer possible contacts as a resource, associate, prospect or friend.

Even if you cannot immediately respond as a resource, make a mental reminder about the person.

Networking is simple– be open to relationship that will continue to generate support, contacts, referrals, and satisfaction.

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