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How Do You Impact an Audience?

How Do You Impact an Audience?

  • How you look makes a difference to an audience–clothes, facial expression, stance, body movement, hands and eye movement.
  • Suppose you are trying to motivate a group, and you tell them something is “a wonderful opportunity,” but you don’t look or sound enthusiastic.  Vision is the king of the senses; hearing is queen.  Facial and body movement are the window for emotions. Tone of voice communicates feelings People believe their eyes and ears first, then words.
  • Hands in pockets tries to create a casual impression.  But with rigid arms, this can make you look anxious or disinterested.  Besides, it adds no plus value to your speech because your arms are stuck.  Who said casual was a good way to look in front of an audience?  You are much better off looking committed to what you are saying.


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