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English Communication: How to Start a Conversation

English Communication- How to Start a Conversation

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The best conversationalists know this: prepare several topics of conversation before you head out for a meeting, reception, social gathering phone call, or meal.

Adapt these to your situation:

  • Sports (national, international, local)
  • Weather (the good, the bad, the surprising)
  • Local events
  • Travel
  • Music, film and art festivals, community theater
  • Traffic//parking problems
  • Latest movies or streaming shows (Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes)
  • Best-selling books
  • Broadcast documentaries or current newsmakers
  • News stories
  • Hobbies (cooking, collecting anything, making anything)
  • Holidays (New Years, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Labor Day,)
  • Schools attended (from grammar school on)
  • The location you are in
  • The event you are attending
  • The host or hostess or mutual friends

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