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English Communication- Gracious Good-bye

English Communication: Gracious Good-bye


Have you forgotten etiquette for a gracious good-bye. Gracious is when both communicators feel content with the leave-taking. Social gatherings for holidays are coming.

The situation: You have participated in a conversation.  It’s time to leave the gathering or you want to strike up conversation with someone else.

Smile and tell the person “I need to go.”

Then call the person by name and acknowledge something they said.  This is to let them know you were taking in information.  For example,  “Bob, it was good talking to you.  Great hearing about your hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.  It makes me want to plan some hiking with my friends.  Hope you get to hiking again soon.”

Express desire to see them again.  For example, “Hope I get to see you again before long.”

Smile and depart.

Gracious departure.  It only takes a few words.

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