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Best Body Language for Virtual/Zoom etc & In-Person Meetings & Interviews

Best Body Language for Virtual/Zoom/Skype/Teams & In-Person Meetings & Interviews


What’s the most important body language during virtual and in-person meetings and job interviews?

  1. Once you have entered the virtual meeting or physical room, do not adjust your clothes which can be interpreted as lack of self-confidence.  Check your clothes before the appointment. 
  2. Good posture means square shoulders and straight back. Slouching makes you seem disinterested, bored, and unprepared.
  3. Keep your arms in an open position, and don’t fold your arms across your chest. You can be interpreted as not flexible, or stubborn or belligerent (i.e., warlike).
  4. Do not rub your neck or back of your head. That can be interpreted as distracted or uninterested.
  5. If in person, do not overdo perfume or cologne. Consensus is to not wear any. A great fragrance to one may be abhorrent or allergenic to another. 

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