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5 Things to Say When Reaching Out to a Friend Right Now

BLOG #194 FOR FRI. FEB 26, 2021    

 — 5 Things to Say When Reaching Out to A Friend Right Now

  1. Start simple with a note with invitation to chat:
    •  “Haven’t talked in a while. Do you have a few minutes for a phone call?”
    • “A month has gone by.  Too long.  Do you have a few minutes for a phone call?”
    • “Thinking about you a lot.  Do you have a few minutes when you might be available?”
    • “We haven’t spoken for awhile.  Do you have time for a phone call in the next few days?”                     
  2. Nice reaching-out is to make sure there’s enough time for both of you to share the good and bad.
    • You can ask, “Is this still a good time to talk?”  The person might tell you about how much time they have to talk, for example, by saying, “I’ve got another appointment in 20 minutes.”
    • When you are close to the time you must leave the phone call, you could say:  “I’m so sorry, I’ve got another appointment in five minutes.”    That allows the situation for a change of topic or prompts the other to ask how things are going for you.
    • Satisfying communication for both people often happens when both people communicate meaningfully.  Sharing about what you have been working on lately,  family, or hobby build connectedness and rapport.
  3. Consider the greeting “How’s it going?”
    • This question focuses on circumstances.  The question “How are you” in the North American culture is most often answered as if it were a greeting and most often answered with “Fine”.  In contrast, “how’s it going” allows the other person to share event details, both bad and good.
    • When a person, perhaps you, has ongoing difficulties, “I’m hanging in there” is a brief colloquial or casual talk response.
  4. Mirror their emotions.  Ask questions.
    • Mirroring is the behavior of one person unconsciously imitating the gesture, manner of speech or attitude of another.  It seems to establish a sense of empathy.
    •   Use what the other person is saying as the natural guide in giving ideas and cues about what you might say or ask.
  5. Allow yourself to be accessible, to reveal some things about yourself, including the not-so-good.

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