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Connect to People During Conversations

Title: Connect to People During Conversations

Blog Website Wed. September 23, 2020 by Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson

Connecting to the other person in conversation is good.  Especially good in these times of “safer at home.”  Here is an easy and informal way to connect to the other person in a conversation.  Just use these phrases–

  • “You probably know from your own experience that _________.”
  • “You know this situation or problem all too well:_______________.”
  • “You probably know what happened when ___________________.”
  • “You’ve certainly seen for yourself that:__________.”
  •  “Whew. You might be relieved to learn ______________________.”

Emphasize the word “you.” 

You know this—55% of another person’s impression of you comes from your tone of voice and your body language.   Soooo, to  connect with another person in conversation, say these sentences with feeling.  And feel the emotion of the moment and little story or experience you are sharing.  That emotion will show up and be visible on your face.   Keep it simple.  Keep the emphasis on “you”.

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