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Public Speaking: How to Be Your Own Voice or Communication Coach

Public Speaking:  How to Be Your Own Voice or Communication Coach

How to improve your own presentation style.  You CAN learn from others.   Use video media (television, movies, YouTube presenters, website videos) to do your own communication analysis.  Choose samples of people you think do very well.  Learn from the experts.

It is fun!


When you study these video recordings do this.  Watch first with sound and video.  Then look away from the screen and just listen.  Finally, turn the sound down and just watch.

Without the video, you will be able to study the delivery by voice.  Listen to the level of vocal energy.  Listen to the resonance of the voice, the richness, and fullness of the sound.  Listen to the volume.  Is the pronunciation clear?  Is the verbal message direct and to the point?  Are there too many verbal fillers?

When you are watching without the sound, watch for gestures.  Look for tension in the body.  Notice how focused the person is.  Watch how the person is breathing.  Look for connection with the audience. Watch the eyes and facial expression for that.

Take notes on what works well and what you see that you would change.

Nowadays, many people can video record themselves on their smart phone or IPad or similar devices.  Apply the procedure described above.  Be your own voice and communication coach!

Next time will be to learn how to screen out all distractions during a presentation.

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