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English Pronunciation: Smart Learning Strategies for Accent Reduction

English Pronunciation: Smart Learning Strategies for Accent Reduction


Here is more of the story about training and learning to speak clear English and get accurate English pronunciation.

What’s the key to effective learning  — whether learning to speak clear English or reduce one’s accent, or any kind of learning?  One intriguing body of research suggests this answer: It is not just what you know about the subject.  It is also knowing about how learning works.

A big part of what makes an accent, whether heavy or medium or light, is the different pronunciation of words, the accent or syllable stress in words, and the intonation or emphasis of words in utterances for English.  Learning those differences is a huge key to clear English speech and accent reduction.

But the other key is learning how to learn those new patterns so they are engrained in your brain and muscles.  What you want is the habit – accurate habit!

John Dunlosky points to this same deficit in our schools, “the emphasis is on what students need to learn, whereas little emphasis – if any—is placed on training students how they should go about learning the content and what skills will promote efficient studying to support robust learning.” In an article published in American Educator, John Dunlosky, a  professor of psychology at Kent State University in Ohio , continues: “Teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them content, because acquiring both the right learning strategies and background knowledge is important – if not essential – for promoting lifelong learning.”

Exactly the argument for teaching students how to learn to speak clear, accurate English.

Annie- Murphy Paul in The Brilliant Report of Oct. 7, 2013 (Smart Learning Strategies) cites other studies as examples of this key to effective learning.

And, in the next blog, I will describe some of those key learning strategies for clear English speaking and accent reduction.

Be sure to watch our English Speech Tips videos and Accent Reduction Tip videos  for more English pronunciation and accent reduction exercise.

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