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English communication skills- Networking- Relationships- Power of Sending Notes for Praise and Thanks

English communication skills-  Networking- Relationships- Power of Sending Notes for Praise and Thanks


Amazing how it is often the little things in life that touch us. Sending notes is one of those little things that means a lot.  It can be email. It can be handwritten.  Handwritten is a wow these days.  For the recipient- a person in our work or personal network– a note can brighten a day, motivate a co-worker and sometimes change a life.  Expressing gratitude and praising helps you, the writer, stay uplifted, focused and on track by reminding you to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Here are some four “S’s” of note writing.  A note should be:

  1. Sincere – Let it express your heart, your emotion.
  2. Short- Make it anywhere from one to three sentences and no more than three.
  3. Specific- Focus on something specific regarding that person. For example, “Great story in your speech about Maria’s marketing strategy.”
  4. Spontaneous – The enthusiasm we express has a long-lasting effect.

Send notes frequently that say:

  • Thanks for your confidence in me.
  • Thanks for your friendship.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about your organization
  • Thanks for the ideas you shared with me.
  • Thanks for your interest in our organization.
  • Thanks for your support.
  • Thanks for the referral.
  • Thanks for sending that article (or the link to that blog).
  • Thanks for thinking of me.
  • Thanks for taking the time to…
  • Thanks for the opportunity to do business with you.
  • You are one of my favorite clients. Thanks for being so great to work with.
  • Thanks for meeting with me.
  • Thanks for your encouragement.
  • Thanks for staying in touch.

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