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English Speaking Skills: Top Tips for Figuring Out Your Work Culture

English Speaking Skills:  Top Tips for Figuring Out Your Work Culture


Do you notice that some people at work are confident and so very comfortable with their work and colleagues?

You have probably figured out that all work environments are not the same.  We call that culture – work culture.

Consider these tips when you start a new job … or as you are endeavoring to work even better in your present work situation:

Get to know your culture.

  1. Observation is the key for getting to know your work culture. Consider looking for answers to these questions:
    1. How much should you socialize?
    2. Do coworkers prefer phone calls, emails, or face-to-face conversations?
    3. Dress shoes or sports shoes?
  2. To observe everything, consider coming in 30 minutes early and staying a little late just to observe how people behave:
    1. When they get their coffee
    2. Where they take their lunches
    3. How they finish or wrap up at the end of the day

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