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English Pronunciation: How to Overcome Your Speech Mispronunciations in Daily Life and Presentations

Let’s talk about a clever strategy to overcome your speech mispronunciations in daily life and presentations to give you the strength of confidence. 

shutterstock_164889821The biggest key to people understanding your words is the accuracy of your pronunciation, and the sounds being loud enough for them to hear. 

We’ve all been there: you are confident your speech is intelligible, understandable and your voice rings out. Your listener does understand every word. Another situation, you are not so confident in the pronunciation of some words. They have your difficult and error sounds. 

For example, Yerin wants a momento of her dinner with valued friends. “Use my camera,” she says. All of a sudden her voice plummets down to soft, and she mumbles the word. Her friend says “What?” She is embarrassed. 

What’s a person to do? 

Do what Raul does, and Saeng, Carlos, Xiaowei, and Vik… On the particular words with the difficult sounds, do the word carefully and slowly so you are accurate with all the sounds. If it is a multiple syllable word, make your muscles do each syllable like a word. 

You will love how that helps you. Your listeners will love that they easily understand that word. 

So with confidence, tell your friends you want them to use your camera to take your treasured picture. 

Below is a pronunciation tutorial for the “r” in “camera.”


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