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How to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Public

How to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Public

What NOT to do:

  • Take solace in the thought that you are an introvert or shy or a “behind-the-scenes person.” Or have the excuse that English is NOT your first language. That has nothing to do with being able to speak.
    • BTW, I always had the excuse that I stammered or stuttered.
  • Try to get out of speaking to a group when the opportunity comes.
    • BTW, I was so afraid of public speaking that for an honorary speech I was supposed to give to my high school graduating class I got the school to have someone else read my speech.

Instead, keep your eye on the prize. The great newsman Lowell Thomas was a strong believer in being able to speak your mind in front of a group. Listen to this if you want to improve your station in life. He said. “The speaker’s platform is inevitable for the person on the way up.”

shutterstock_2221883What TO DO:

  • STEP ONE – Admit your fear. Recognize that your fear of speaking is natural. You are not weird, you are normal.
    • You and I are not unique. I used to be sooo afraid of any talking to a group or an audience. There are hundreds of thousands like us. This means there are hundreds of programs available. Dale Carnegie is one, Toastmasters is another, Clear Talk Mastery is a third. Every adult education organization offers speaker training.
    • Some are better than others. Look for expertise. Look for a program that teaches you many skills And look for practice within the program. I did my training with speech therapists who taught me how to overcome my stammering habits. Then I studied the science and art of public speaking in books—about thirty of them.
      • Then I took every opportunity to practice.
    • Emerson said, “If you do a thing once, you can do it twice. If you can do it twice, you can make a habit out of it.”
    • Investigate then select the course or training program that shows great promise and sign up. If you are like me, you may have gotten this far many times in the past but procrastinated because the unknown is frightening.
    • But here is super news: the very act of making a decision will free you. The moment you make it you will feel good, even euphoric. Such is a beautiful mystery of life. Making a decision carries its own reward because decisions are so difficult to make.


  • Put off until tomorrow. Take action today.

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