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Where Should Your Hands Be?

Hello Everybody,

We have our weekly speech tip video above. And here are some cool tips for what to do with your hands during a presentation.
1.   Where should your hands be? When you begin, they should hang naturally by your body. Then they should describe and emphasize what you are saying.
2.   Ideally, you should gesture with one hand at a time. When you move both you waste energy without getting any extra effect.
3.   When you use one hand at a time, your hand and arm movements can be descriptive and emphatic. Use the right hand, then left, then right! Strange but true– it looks great and gets people’s attention.
4.   Look through your speech for words and phrases that stand for things you can gesture – you/me/them/up/down/big/small/many/few/one/two/three.

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