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My name is Antonia Johnson. I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and I love helping people communicate clearly in English.  I love it so much that is what the best of my Ph.D. was all about.

shutterstock_139593812This blog is a place for people eager to find ways to improve their English speaking skill.

I will post multiple times a week.  

These posts will be on:

  • Communication tips
  • Accent reduction tips
  • YouTube speech tip videos         Speech Tip Videos
  • Commentary on interesting research on accent reduction
  • Presentation tips
  • Cultural tips

I invite your comments on all of our blog posts.   I hope this will be a two- way conversation.  You can ask questions or comment in the comment portion of the post below.  Or you can reach us either on Facebook or Twitter.     Facebook.com/ClearTalkMastery  Twitter.com/ClearTalkM

Yay! The rocket is launched. Join us in orbit.

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