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Make a Really Good Impression On People

Blog 181 for Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020

Make A Really Good Impression On People

     Best tips or advice for job interviewing will make you a star for when you first meet someone.  Especially for someone you want to impress.

      The best communicators plan and practice the following techniques whenever they can.

      Use these tips from interview experts and trainers:

  1. Learn all you can about the person/s you are going to meet and/or the organization in advance.
  2. Be ready for “Tell me about yourself,”   Even have an elevator speech ready because people love to know about your work.  It’s an entrance to connection and knowing a bunch about you quickly.  If you are internationally born or born in the US, tell them where you were born or where you grew up.  The personal information helps to set rapport and satisfy a curiosity 
  3. Know your lines. Great tip here. Actors do it, and you should do it too.  That is, do memorize a few short quotes and have them ready.  They will help you respond in a memorable manner to questions.   The lead-in to a memorable quote can even be—I heard a wise person say…  Or, for example: My mother had “patience” as her middle name.  She used to quote St. Ambrose- “Have patience with everyone, especially yourself.”

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