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Talk Clearly With Face Mask


Seven of our current student-learners are ITAs, International Teaching Assistants, for Chemistry or BioChemistry.  They want to know—how do you lecture using a facemask.

Answer- You will need to maximize using the Six Clear Talk Strategies.

In brief,   first, talk a little louder.  Your voice has to penetrate or go through a mask. Download a free app from the internet for a Sound Level Meter—digital.  Aim for decibels in the 70s.

Second-  speak each word clearly.  Each word is important

Third- Pronounce the north American quick consonants quickly (p,t, k, ch  and b, d, g, j)

Fourth -AND speak the slow consonants slowly (all the rest!).

Fifth- Pronounce the vowels very clearly.   American  English long vowels have two sounds (all except one!).  American Short Vowels have one sound,  BUT two are slowly spoken or stretched out.  Those are the American English short vowel  /a/ as in the memory word “hat”  and the American English short vowel /o/  as in the word “not”.

Fifth and most important—DO  NOT SLUR the words together.  Do not do like this “Whatchadoing. “  Instead, what are you doing.”

Remember, these strategies for American English come from 100 years of research… starting all the way back to when the telephone was first invented.

REMEMBER, people cannot see your mouth. 

Remember, some consonants are 30 to 40 dB SOFTER than the vowels.

Hope this helps.  Happy Talking.

BELOW IS Clear Talk Mastery Speech Tip # 57 for “ch” as in “chin”.  This is one of those consonants that is 30 to 40 decibels softer than vowels. Be sure to say it in the American English manner- very quick!

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