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B and Br for “Brother”- Press Firmly Lips Together and Loud Voice

This is Number 6 in our hierarchical arrangement of American English (AE) pronunciation 2 minute tutorials.  This systematic arrangement is the most efficient and makes accuracy easy in training your brain and mouth to get clear AE speech sounds and words. 

Now we show you the consonant b before the consonant r in the word “brother”.   The critical feature is pressing firmly the lips together and making a strong voice from the vocal folds in your throat for the consonant sound b.  Dr. Johnson also demonstrates the easy way to pronounce the American English consonant sound r.

 Consider doing massed practice.  Studies have shown that whole word memorization  requires an average of  35 repetitions or trials per word.  First imitate Dr. Johnson to get cognitive understanding of how to pronounce the consonants b and consonant blend br and the word.  Some people first imitate the video over and over.   Once they cognitively understand what to do, then they do deliberate practice on their own.  Typically a pause between repetitions happens automatically which gives the brain a moment to plan for the word and to determine if pronunciation was accurate.  Then do mass practice accurately to get to long lasting memory.  Do other practices on the word on upcoming days, distributed practice, which makes the brain muscle memory stronger.

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