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P and B, Start– or Refresh with These Speech Sounds

Today we begin the series of recommended sequence for consonants and vowels.

Deliberate and focused practice is best. Imitation is the easiest way to learn. Watch, listen, and do! Accuracy is everything!

This FIRST speech tip is our chosen Number 1 for systematic learning. Brain organizerer is that the Quick speech sounds in English are p, t, k, ch, b, d, g, j. The first four have no voice but in American English have a loud puff of air. The second four have a voice.

For deliberate and focused practice, make the word loud, especially the consonants. that I am focusing on.

Speech is words, and all words have vowels. So you’ll get accurate practice for those in this word.

Positioning of the lips for p and b is everything.

For American English, make the muscles in the lips press together hard and open quickly for the p and b.

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