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English Speaking Skills- Make a Goal – Use a Visual Cue

English Speaking Skills-  Keep Your Vision In Front of You


Do you have a dream? A dream is bigger than a goal. Here’s a tip- put your dream vision in front of you.

Simple idea-  place a visual symbol of your dream in front of you.  We move psychologically toward what we constantly see.

What you are want is not “kind of good” communication, At a minimum, you want English speech communication free of “What? What did you say?”

The purpose of your dream for communication is to make connection with people in daily life, at work, or in school with clear, easy to understand speaking voice, and easy to cognitively understand information message. Add to that an English speaking voice which communicates emotion and is pleasing to the ear.

How do you keep your vision of your dream in front of you?

Find a picture of someone you admire – a relative, friend, teacher, broadcaster, or famous person.  Or find a photo from a newspaper, magazine or online of people happily communicating.  Put it on your bathroom mirror or over your desk— any place you notice everyday.

This visual reminder will help you move toward what you see.  Then when you have choices— of talking or not talking, engaging in conversation or remaining quiet, volunteering to answer a question in a small or large group— then you’ll remember the visual aid picture/photo. And you’ll take the extra effort to do clear articulation– leveled-up clear talk mode or careful leveled-up clear talk mode. You’ll do accurate word syllable accent stress. And if you have learned the skill– voice inflection in utterances or sentences which communicates emotion.

hat visual photo or picture will inspire you to do direct practice or more preparation for English speech a few minutes longer before your presentation , meeting or even a conversation. The frequent noticing of your picture or photo will inspire you to put extra effort and focus whenever you take the opportunity to do deliberate practice of your best English speech communication skills in daily life. Your picture will remind you of your dream of better than good— to do great— English speech communication.  And you will stride to that dream step by step.  It gets easier, and then you will feel leaps. You’ll do what the most masterful people do– direct practice which is like doing homework on your own for your skill, and taking every opportunity to practice your articulation, diction, word syllable accent stress and voice inflection skills.

Or– your picture will inspire you to get more– more systematic, optimal learning for higher level English speech communication skills. Check out your local schools or Clear Talk Mastery — get the best instruction you can.

Be sure to watch our English Speech Tips videos and Accent Reduction Tip videos  for more English pronunciation and accent reduction exercise.

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