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“N” Most Frequent Consonant- Do Vocal Strength Exercise

The consonant “n” is the most frequent consonant in English. Recall all those prefixes and especially suffixes— en, an, in, ment, tion, sion, cian, etc.

American positioning of the tongue for “n” requires muscle stiffness of the tip of the tongue, and extending the voicing at the vocal folds and speech volume are all critical.

So to strengthen exactly the right muscles for pronunciation of “n,” do this: Take a deep breath, push the tip or end of your tongue up to the top or roof of your mouth, right behind the top front teeth — press hard. Then say “nnnnnnnnn” for as long as you can. For our coaching, we recommend three times for as long as you can at least 5 days a week. This exercise will literally make your body grow muscles that you need for this “n” speech sound.

You will hear the nasal sound– vibration of air through your nose.

ust so you know– many languages have a nasal sound which is associated with the written letter “n,” but do not position the tonge in this manner. Get perfect pronunciation of “n” in English when you do this. “N” is twice a slow as the quick consonants such as “t” and “d.”

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