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Should You Accept an Invitation to Speak??

Should You Accept an Invitation to Speak?

(Of course, if your boss asks you to give a speech, do it!)

  • Do you have the time in your schedule?

o   You need time to get to and from the event and answer questions

  • Do you have time to prepare?

o   You want to prepare a speech you are proud of and satisfies the expectations of your audience

o   Preparing  a 30-minute speech can take hours, days, weeks or months depending on who you are speaking to and how important the speech is,

Deal with the present and look towards the future. Now that we enter times of hybrid working, virtual and in-person, organizations are requesting speakers for their events. It is fall 2021 so organizations are now booking presenters for 2022.

Look toward the future. All the work you devote to a socko presentation aids you by honing your knowledge, by building credibility as an expert and positions you for doors opening in the future.


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