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To Communicate Empathy in Speaking–Including Public Speaking– Do This

BLOG #186 for   Thursday. Oct 15, 2020 English Speaking Skills To Communicate Empathy in Public Speaking—Do This

Richard D. Lewis in his renown or famous book  When Cultures Collide  stated “Empathy is based on accepting differences and building on these in a positive manner. The Japanese may come to accept that American directness is, after all, honest.  The American may perceive that exaggerated Japanese courtesy is, after all, better than hostility.  If the Italian wants to talk 90 percent of the time with a Finn, who is content to be silent (in Finland, silence is fun), then are they not both happy and doing what they do best?”

The most important word in communication is “You”.

Use these in public speaking:

“You’ll get good value if you ________.”

“You understand the price we’ll pay if _________.”

“You can depend on this product to ____________.”

“You can rely on my department for ___________.”

“You are certainly welcome to ________________.”

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