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Rule #1 for Public Speaking

BLOG #185 FOR WED.  Sept 30, 2020 Englspkg Skills  Rule #1 for Public Speaking alj09302020

Rule #1 for the content of your public speaking= Please don’t focus so much on yourself.  As my hairdresser would complain about a person who drove her crazy— Eleanor said,“I just wanted to blurt out, ‘It is not all about you.’”

 So, in your public speaking, find ways to address others’ needs.

  • “You can benefit if you __________________________.”
  • “You’ll gain direct access to ______________________.”
  • “You can win by _______________________________.”
  • “You deserve _________________________________.”
  • “You can count on _____________________________.”
  • “You can take advantage of ______________________.”
  • “You can now do something about ________________.”

Do you remember this from last week’s blog?  Fifty five percent of a person’s impression of you does not come from the words.  It comes from tone of voice and body language.

So please remember to smile.  This is how other people know you are friendly, accepting, supporting.

Did you know that even with a face mask  which protects other people from infection from you – other people can see the smile around your eyes.  Not only that. People can hear a smile—on the phone and, yes,  even through a face mask.

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