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Speech Tip for today, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020 on website www.ClearTalkMastery.com

Okayyyy.  Speech tip today is  your using words and phrases which caught my ear in the last several weeks on media.   I love these words and phrases.  For those of you trying to improve your English speech enunciation or pronunciation, each of these has at least one “L” sound.   I’ll attach  one of our YouTube  little speech videos for the “L”  sound at the bottom.

  1. “It was my privilege”    as in  “It was my privilege to attend the dinner honoring Mr. Kenneth Brandon for his work with photography.”
  2. “If you want to know more, please check out _____.”
  3. “mind control”  as in “Governments, including the USA and Russia” carried out mind control experiments in the 1950s as part of their Cold War strategy to win that “Cold War.”.
  4. “Golden Lion”   as in “The highest cinema award given at the Venice Film Festival  is called the “Golden Lion”.  It is comparable to the USA “Oscar”.
  5. “______  faced death by living life to the fullest.”
  6. “He fought multiple battles with ________.”   As in “He fought multiple battles with cancer.”
  7. “substantial proof”   as in “There is substantial proof that COVID -19 has killed far more people over 75 in the USA than under 75.

Here is English Speech Tip #35, alson on YouTube/ClearTalkMastery which is for the “L” speech sound as in “file” and “value.”

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