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For the speech tip for today, Thursday, July 16, 2020 –What can you do to prevent making a speech pronunciation mistake? This advice  helps all our coached and subscription student learners. It can help you now.  It is exactly what native-born North American English speakers do.

  When you realize you are about to say a difficult word for you, then slow down and say each consonant and vowel very carefully and accurately.

Below we have the speech tip video #2 for two vowel sounds which are actually quite difficult to pronounce accurately and  for listeners to understand.  They are the American short vowel “a” and the American English short vowel “e”.  

Clear Talk Video #2  In this video, Dr. Antonia Lawrence Johnson tells how to pronounce the short vowel a and short vowel e and how to tell the difference! She uses the words “bad” and “bed”. If you do not see this speech tip video #2 which is a YouTube video, please click on this link. https://youtu.be/ldxbFFWqcek

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