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Do You Know How to Prevent Speaking Mistakes?

Date of Blog,  Thursday, July 16, 2020

Title: Do  You Know How to Prevent Speaking Mistakes?

Do you know how to prevent speech mistakes?   When you realize a difficult word  to pronounce is coming up, then slow down and say that word letter by letter, syllable by syllable. Say each sound CAREFULLY.

This is exactly what native-born and non-native born speakers of English do!

It is OK to pause or stop right before the word to figure out in your brain “how” to say the difficult English speech sound.

Aim for perfect consonant pronunciation.

Determine the accurate vowel pronunciation and do perfect pronunciation.

Just to remind you.  There are fourteen (14) American English vowel sounds.  There are five letters “a”, “e”, “I”, “o”, “u” always used, and sometimes “y” is a vowel sound.

Just to remind you, there are three  syllable structure rules for North  American English “long” vowels-  1) open syllable structure rule,  like in the words “be, no”,

2) silent “e” syllable structure rule, like in the words “smile, bike”, and

3) digraph syllable structure rule, like  “tie, bloat”.

And there is one syllable structure rule for North American “short” vowels—1) closed syllable structure rule,  like in the memory words “hat”, “bed”, “it and hit”, “not”, “up, hush”.

Just to repeat—to prevent speaking mistakes, just slow down and pronounce every consonant and vowel with great care and accuracy when you get to it.

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