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English Communication: The Clarity is Simple

English Communication: The Clarity is Simple


All of life is relationship.  Love, compassion, helping, encouraging.  Hope, faith.

April 2, on his birthday, my beloved passed.

I, more than anyone, know which words were his.  Which ideas sprang from his fertile mind.  Where the science is that he was chief architect for.   Our evolution springs forth from all that.

Our mission is to help others communicate more clearly in English.  For what purpose?  So that those whom we help may live a more fulfilling life in relationship– wherever they are, whatever they do.  And so that they may, through their clear communication in English, help others.

One of my students once said:  It is all so simple — love.  It is all about love.

So shall we go forth.

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Rerun from 05/17/2017

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