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English Speaking Skills: The What and How of a 30-Second Elevator Speech

English Speaking Skills: The What and How of a 30-Second Elevator Speech


An elevator speech is used as a marketing tool since it lets those you meet know where you’ve been and where you’re hoping to go in the future.  Write that 30-second speech, and it is worth memorizing.  What’s not to like about  30 seconds to communicate your skills, interests, and future goals – especially if you are looking to expand into a new job or perhaps an internship.

Here’s a sample elevator speech:

“Hi, my name is Joan Lee.  I am currently a junior student attending XYZ college.  My major is business with a minor in art and graphic design.  I have volunteered with the student union administration during my years at college.

Last summer I completed an internship with the Museum of Contemporary Art and I’m hoping to find an internship in finance this summer in the Chicago area.  I have always had an interest in art and graphic design and I’m finding I have a talent for business.  In the future, I’m hoping to combine these two very different areas of study and find myself a career that includes both.”

I love templates and models.  Use this as the model for your 30-second elevator speech.  You’ll be able to use it as a personal marketing tool.  And you’ll find that selected portions of these phrases are ideal in other social settings when conversing with new acquaintances.  Therein lies your confidence for social situations!

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