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Public Speaking: How to Relax Before You Present

Public Speaking: How to Relax Before You Present


The beginning of a presentation is often a difficult time to maintain your focus.  Try taking a slight pause at the beginning and thinking of a word to help you focus.  That word might be “focus” or for me it is “twinkle” to remind me to enjoy!

It is important to prepare for your presentation by relaxing prior to it when possible.  If you are at the site of your presentation, and it is not coming up for a few minutes, you can do this: Create your own “mental green room.”  Find a place away from everyone and take a few deep abdominal-diaphragmatic breaths.  Think about your audience as being one person, a dear friend, and what this presentation will mean to him or her.  Let your mind catch up with your body.  Your mind may have been running all day.  Calm your mind.

If you can’t remove yourself from the site, then make a dwelling within your mind and space.  Breathe and concentrate on your dear friend whom you will be talking to in a few minutes.

Next time are my favorite tips for coping with anxiety or stress.

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