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Public Speaking: How to Do Practice for Being Direct and to the Point

Public Speaking: How to Do Practice for Being Direct and to the Point


Ahhh, to be direct and to the point in your communication.   I have heard that wish over and over.  What can you do to improve that skill?

You can learn to be direct and to the point by simplifying a story to two or three main points.  This is exactly what you do if asked a complex question by your boss, teacher or in a group or meeting or presentation.  You can do deliberate practice by taking a newspaper or magazine story you have read and first develop a summary sentence for it.  Next write the talking points, the two or three main points.  Then you could physically deliver and speak this short presentation.  Audiotape or videotape yourself if possible and analyze it as suggested in our blog on being your own voice and communication coach.

You can use the practice of coming up with a summary sentence and three main points in just about any situation.  Do it while you are driving when you see something interesting or when you are walking somewhere.  The practice possibilities are endless and each time you practice, you will improve your ability to focus and think in clear, economical ways in English.

Next time we’ll talk about how to relax before you present.

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