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English communication and American Slang: Nouns and Adjectives

English communication and American Slang: Nouns and Adjectives


American slang is a casual vocabulary.  These words are some of the most popular and can be used by all.  Here are noun and adjective slang words.

American Slang Nouns

brain: a very intelligent person

Bill Gates must be a brain.

munchies: snacks like pretzels, popcorn, potato chips, crackers

Let’s get some munchies at the soccer game.

penny pincher: a super thrifty person who rarely spends money.

Don never goes to restaurants because he is such a penny pincher.

stuff:  things (but used as a singular, non-count noun.)

Sarah has to buy some stuff at the grocery store so she can cook for dinner.

American Slang Adjectives

awesome:  amazing

That was an awesome performance.

beat: tired

Robert is beat today because he was up late last night.

down: sad, depressed

Sue is down because her dog died.

broke: having no money

Mary spent all her money on supplies for school so now she’s broke.

on cloud nine: very, very happy

Ken just won five thousand dollars in a lottery so he is on cloud nine!

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