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Careers- Getting Hired— Don’t Forget the Cover Letter

Careers- Getting Hired— Don’t Forget the Cover Letter


Cover letter—Get a competitive edge with a cover letter.

Cover letters are a graceful way to introduce yourself, express your personality, and impress a hiring manager with your experience and writing skills.

A bonus for you:  You can tailor the cover letter to a specific company in ways you cannot with a resume.

Tips for you—

  • Find the decision maker’s name and use it in the salutation. Use a colon after the salutation.
  • Keep it short and no longer than three or four paragraphs.
  • For first paragraph, describe why you are writing—for example answering an ad, or perhaps referred to the company through networking or perhaps you learned that the company was expanding.
  • In the middle paragraph, explain why you are a good candidate and show your knowledge about the company. Convey a clear story about your career and highlight specific past achievements. Do that as a narrative or bullet points. You can also highlight qualities that may not fit in the structure of the resume.
  • Finish the letter and indicate you will follow up in the near future. Sign off with a “Sincerely,” or “Thank you for your consideration,” followed by your name, and, if you like, your email address.
  • Include your letter in the actual text of your email message or place it above your resume in an attachment. Don’t put it in a separate attachment since a busy hiring manager may not click on it at all.  If you place it in the text of your email message, make it shorter than if you use an attachment.

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