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Accent Reduction – Habit Success – The Other Secret is Forgive Yourself

Accent Reduction –  Habit Success – The Other Secret is Forgive Yourself


You are going to fail sometimes.  That’s okay,

Richard Wiseman studied people who achieved their goals.  From those investigations,  he realized we should:

  • Expect to go back to your old habits sometimes. Treat that failure as a temporary set-back, and go forward.

What does science say we should do when we divert from our goal or procrastinate and put off doing the habit we want?  Forgive yourself and move on.

Study after study show that self-criticism is consistently associated with less motivation and worse consistency of action.

Self criticism is also one of the single biggest predictors of depression, which saps away both perseverance and desire to attain a goal (“I want”).

On the other hand, self-compassion – being supportive and kind to yourself, especially as you face stress and failure – is associated with more motivation and consistency of action.

In trying to do anything to make your life better, it is okay to stumble and not succeed sometimes.  It takes time.  Habit takes time.  Learning takes time.

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